12 Treats of Christmas: Swedish Cardamon Bread-simple version {#11}

Sorry I missed posting this yesterday. Its been busy around here the last couple days.
Visitors, parties, shopping, crafting, baking and much more filling these final days until Christmas.

This particular treat happens to be my favorite food of Christmas.

I've always looked forward to the days when my mom would be baking these little puppies up, watching them rise all afternoon, and taking turns with my sisters getting to frost and sprinkle them.
We would then package them up, and deliver some to select neighbors and friends. 

At least one though was always saved for us to eat for breakfast on Christmas morning.

What kid doesn't want to eat bread anyway. Especially bread with frosting. and sprinkle.
Bread with frosting and sprinkle folks.
Frosting and sprinkles.

See those paper straws?
I die for those paper straws.
How did life ever go on without them?

I decided this year to make said bread with a packaged bread mix.( I've been busy, remember?)
I used a Pamela's bread mix, because thats what the store had, and it worked great.
I made the sweet bread recipe off the bag (it has frosting remember, obviously its a sweet bread), and added the cardamon. Then, I followed the directions off of the Cardamon bread recipe from me mama.

I did decide while I was taking these photos, that green sprinkle where probably not a good idea.
Bread with flecks of green are a bit suspicious...
Luckily it will get eaten quick.

So heres the quick version recipe, maybe next year I'll share the complete recipe for ya'll.


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