Because my life doesn't have enough drama...

Life has thrown another curveball my way.

This bean may or may not have herself a kidney stone.


Along with excruciating pain, I seem to have lost my marbles.

I may have had my temperature taken about six times, because I couldn't remember if it had been done or not, and surely the M.A. made up an answer.

I went to cash a check, and messed up while writing my account number on the back not once, but three times.


And than I went to TJ's to get me-self some cranberry juice.
When I got home, and went to pour myself a glass, I noticed I actually bought this:

Cherry juice wil not cure my kidneys. Thanks though.

So, because I being sick and tired did not want to drive back across town to buy the juice, went to the local health food store down the street.



Than after pouring myself a nice tall glass of bitter juice, I knock it over.

About four dollars worth of juice, down the drain. 

Or down the couch, more specifically.

Next time, I will suck it up and go get a three ninety nine bottle at Trader Joe's.

Lesson learned.

(Lesson also learned, when struck with illness-don't go trying to take care of business. You'll mess that business up.)

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  1. Heehehehe - sorry...having a laugh at your expense :) Sorry it was such a bad day, but thanks for making my day not seem all that bad :)