Viaggiare Senza Glutine/Gluten Free Travels

It's no secret that I am desperate for some world travels. Especially now, as I sit in my working box all day dreaming of more exciting things.
So as I try and earn me a plane ticket, I will continue to dream and research the best places to be gluten free.
As far as I can tell so far, these three countries are the best places to be a celiac. They have the most readily available gluten free products, most knowledge of the disease, and most allergy friendly restaurants.
So, in no particular order:

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As I have shared before, my biggest desire in life is to go to live in Italy. I have wanted to travel to this country for as long as I can remember. When I received my celiac diagnosis, my dreams of Italia were crushed. 
How could I eat in the land of pasta? 
After I got over my disappointment, and decided I was gonna make it there one way or another; I started doing some research. Italy it seems is an amazing place to eat gluten free! From what I have learned over the years, Italy tests automatically for Celiac in all children. Because of this, the have a high amount of gluten-less friendly food for those diagnosed. All schools and hospitals must have gluten free options, and many restaurants serve gf meals! Can I say gf croissant? 

Australia/New Zealand

This is another part of the world I have often dreamed about going to. I am a sucker for an Aussie accent, and really want to go to the zoo. I like zoos, okay? Although they are technically separate places, Australia and New Zealand both seem to have a good acceptance for Celiacs. In the past, and possibly the present, Australia was on the cutting edge of Celiac research. They were one of the first places to really acknowledge it as a disease and eating gluten free as a treatment. Both places are said to have several gf options were ever you go. So maybe I won't be partaking of any Vegamite, but I can still find many things to fill my belly.

{all my Finland photos are having some difficulty, will be back shortly :) }


Finland seems to have been the longest, most populated community of gluten free-ers. Gluten free foods are said to be readily available, wherever you go, and has numerous diagnosed Celiacs throughout the country. Even their McDonalds are gluten free. What?!!

So my friends, where have you traveled since being gluten free? Where you easily able to find foods to eat, or was it a struggle?
If you haven't been any where yet, where would you go if you could go anywhere?

I know there are many readers out there who don't like to comment, but here is your chance! Share your thoughts!

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