Fotos From a Fourth day in July

Menu for the day included chips and salsa, barbecued beef & veggie kabobs, orange glazed shrimp on a stick, cucumber and tomato salad, red pepper and spinach sausage, watermelon and fresh squeezed lemonade.
For dessert: apple-berry mini pies, angel food cake and berry kabob flag, and homemade vanilla coconut ice cream.

Prepare for a photo dump....

Besides the avocados not ripening for guacamole, forgetting to get the ingredients for a pasta salad, and then forgetting to make the potato salad to replace the pasta salad, everything was delicious!

All food was gluten dairy, corn and soy free! All except the ice cream and angel food cake were also refined sugar free.

Those two things were what I ate a lot of.

So today, I am going to sit in my pajamas all day, and try to recover from said sugar and try my hardest to avoid eating more ice cream.

I'll share the recipes of some  of the food I made later this week, until then-

Have a happy fifth day in July!

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  1. YUM!! Please repeat this meal next time we come to visit!!!