Journey of a Gluten Free LIfe-Diagnosis, Maybe?

The first time going to the grocery store looking for gluten free items, was kind of an adventure. We perused through all of the crowded aisles of the health food store on the lookout for anything labeled gluten free, which would than be tossed into the cart. It was my own little treasure hunt, with a more significant prize hidden beneath the x. The adventurous feeling didn't last long though, as I would discover new things that contained gluten in them, more and more things piling up that I could not have anymore.
: : : : :

Right after I had pulled out my old medical files and made the discovery that I did, I made an appointment with a new primary care physician.
I walked into my appointment, about three weeks gluten free* with a cartload of medical records from all my former doctors and a hope for future wellness.
When I talked to this doctor about Celiac, he recommended that I be tested again so he could see for himself. When I asked if my results would be effected since I was not eating gluten, he said it wouldn't matter--that once the antibodies were there, they would stay for good. Even though the research I had done claimed different, I went and got the test done while still gluten free.

The tests came back fine.
Glutens not the problem, he told me. 
Go back to eating wheat.

So I did. 

and I went to Disneyland.
and I ate whatever I wanted for a couple weeks, 
and I started to fell lousy again.

and than said doctor called me.
and told me he had read through all of my records.
and that he was wrong.

and I needed to be off gluten.

*It is not a good idea to go gluten free without first seeking medical attention. It changes your test results, and makes diagnosis that much more difficult.

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