Food Find Friday: Kinnikinnick Candadi bread

As I have talked about in previous posts, as well as being gluten free, I am now also free of dairy, corn, yeast and soy. I have also tried to eliminate sugar, but I like sugar--so that ones a little bit harder.

If you have ever looked closely at food ingredients, you will see there are a lot of things listed that you probably never heard of before. The things you have heard of, that are most likely listed: variants of soy, corn and sugar.

Corn seems to be the automatic replacement in all gluten free food. Most non-gf foods have it too, actually. and soy. Soy is in everything.

Not this bread though.

This bread has about half the ingredients that most gf breads have.

Those ingredients do not include sugar or soy. {the allergy warning says there is corn-I am not sure where it is hiding}

I have been eating it a lot.

It is the only gf bread I have found so far, that gets crisp and can hold a crunch. This is because it has no yeast, which is also helpful to those of you who have that eliminated from your diet. 

Perfect to eat my fresh picked tomatoes on. {or-my farmers market tomatoes, until my garden produces a larger tomato variety}

It was also a great vessel for Pioneer Woman's marlboro man sandwich.


Go buy some today, I tell ya!!

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  1. OH MAN! Those look so good!!

    Although...the name of that bread ALMOST says "candida", so that kind of grosses me out...